Sewing Trainer

Take this opportunity to become an essential part of our busy sewing room and enjoy using your skills and experience to help our Sewing Trainees to become Multi Skilled Sewing Machinists.  Provide intensive training in how to sew at speed and to a high quality.  Establish valuable working relationships with each trainee and provide individual as well as group tuition.

Pass on knowledge of fabric construction and handling, teach garment make up, best method and sewing instruction make up sheets, as well as machine operation – including an introduction to safe ways of working and good practice.

Give daily feedback and hold regular learning reviews to discuss the Trainees progress, help to solve performance problems, encourage excellence and instil a positive, enthusiastic work ethic.

Plan with the Sewing Room Manager how to best manage resources, including the best use of equipment and ensuring adequate cover for holidays and absence.

Communicate with the Cutting Department to ensure adequate supply of fabric.

Liaise with Sewing Supervisors to ensure the smooth transition from the Sewing Academy to a line.

Work with Sewing Supervisors to pass on advice regarding sewing training, provide coaching in how to encourage excellent performance, review training content and make improvements to the training programme.  Assist in developing the skills of others to learn how to train, for example coach supervisors and team leaders in how to develop the sewing skills of their teams.