Sewing Academy




Founded in March 2015, the David Nieper Sewing Academy offers bespoke training to people of all skill levels and sewing abilities, who have an interest in sewing and would like to become trained in making our finely crafted garments.

At David Nieper, we don’t just train you to do one simple machine operation. We teach you how to make a full garment from it’s first stitch to it’s last seam, giving you the knowledge to operate a variety of sewing machines and make a wide range of clothing. Which is why we have developed our Sewing Academy – to offer the very best training to help new recruits take those first steps into creating our fine quality garments.

Our skilled trainers have a wealth of knowledge and expertise at their fingertips, and can offer you a truly unique and in-depth programme of training. Based in a fun, friendly and hard-working environment, our Sewing Academy is the perfect way to train to become a fully capable clothing maker.