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David Nieper is committed to processing all data relating to job applicants fairly, lawfully and transparently.  Data is collected and securely stored for the limited, specific and legitimate business purposes as outlined below.  We are committed to keeping this information accurate, up to date and protected.  This notice informs you of the type of data collected, the purposes for this, your rights with regards to this information and the safeguards in place to keep data secure.

Employee Personal Data Purpose Data Controller
Name, address, telephone no, email address


So that we are able to contact you HR
Proof of eligibility to work in the UK Legal compliance HR
CV, previous work history, qualifications, list of skills, test results (online and printed application form) To assess your suitability for the role HR
Interview checklist To ensure we follow a fair and equal process HR

Data Access:  We acknowledge an individual’s right to be informed about the processing of their personal data.  The right to rectification if their personal data is inaccurate or incomplete and the right of access to their personal data and supplementary information.

Safeguards:  Data held electronically is password protected, printed data is kept in locked cabinets.  Application forms that are no longer needed are shredded.  Training is held annually to remind people of the importance of compliance and to review current practice in order to make any necessary improvements.