Staff Profiles

Kind Words From Our Happy Staff Members

Nichola Rouse

Creative Catalogue Designer 15 years

I work on the catalogue design and production side. I see the process of creating the catalogues from start to finish. It’s everything from model casting, choosing the shots, working on the Catalogue layout with Mr Nieper, doing the colour correcting and proof reading, all the way through to a press pass at the end. It’s a role which works in a cycle with each season of catalogues we make.

I would say that a design degree or something related to that would be useful. I come from a design background and having that eye for colour and balance is very important in the role because there is a lot of creativity to it. You need to be able to prioritise and have very good attention to detail – they are both really important when it comes to working to a deadline and making sure all the work is done correctly. Technically, you need to be able to understand programs like Photoshop and Capture One – which can be learnt on the job but a background in them gives you a headstart.

Before I worked in Graphics & Catalogue design I was actually in the Fashion Design Department! I was the Design Assistant and helping with sampling and pattern cutting. I also worked on ranges for nightwear and underwear buying before moving into the graphic design area of the business.

I originally worked at Speedo as an Assistant Product Manager before David Nieper, working on programs such as CAD, Photoshop and illustrator for their designs. When there were redundancies in the business I applied to David Nieper and was lucky enough to be accepted.

The company has a really nice atmosphere, it’s very friendly and I have a really varied role. Mr Nieper is such a wonderful man to work with, he is extremely knowledgeable, very good at getting involved and really invests all his time in the company.

I have a very good work-life balance in my job. I can work part time here and still have enough time with my son, without worrying about what is waiting for me on my desk. I have lovely colleagues and everyone knows each other by name here. The job is very creative which I love. I get a lot of job satisfaction from seeing such a great finished product and knowing the customers appreciate what we do.

David Nieper is a family firm and a welcoming, friendly place to work. You feel like you matter and throughout the time I’ve been here the company has kept it’s nice, warm atmosphere, even though it continues to grow – which I think is very important. Also, because production is all in one place, all of the core functions are together under one roof – which makes working here really varied and interesting.

Claudia Fritchley

Overseas Co-ordinator 15 years

I’m the key contact for our offices in France, Germany and the Netherlands. I’m the go-to person for any information they need to know, and similarly I pass on all the information from the overseas offices to our team here in the UK. I do the organisation for visits and also have an involvement with training the Customer Services team here in the UK, which is a growing part of my job.

The job isn’t one you need a degree to do – it is much more important to be able to think on your feet and have good people skills. You need to have a good understanding of the company ethos and how we operate, so it is a role that is learnt through working in Customer Services and has developed through me gaining experience in the company. No two days are the same, so I would say being adaptable and professional are important skills for this sort of role. Before I joined David Nieper, I was a dental nurse and after that I worked in my husband’s gym for seven years, so my previous experience was very different.

I am German and when I heard about the vacancy at David Nieper for a native German speaker my child was still a baby. I decided to go for the interview and here I am 15 years later! When my children were younger it was good to know that if I needed to go home to look after a sick child I could. The role of overseas co-ordinator is ideal for me – the daily challenges are always interesting, and I get to interact with such wonderful people.

I love working at David Nieper because the staff are so wonderful! It’s a really friendly environment with a great ethos. The company gives people a chance to progress from within, and they are also very supportive of working parents. It’s a different, but wonderful place to work.

It’s a very supportive environment run by people who have a real investment in the employees and growth of the business – you know that you are in good hands! You get very looked after here; it’s definitely a family environment all the way through. The company is also very forward thinking and still growing, so there is a lot of opportunity to develop and grow here. Tthe diversity of the jobs offered and where they can lead you is remarkable.