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Internships & Work Placements

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We offer a combination of work placement opportunities & paid internships to Yr 11 & Yr 13 school pupils, as well as college/university students and graduates.

Work Placements – Here at David Nieper we want to give the next generation the best possible opportunities for the future, and our work placement programmes are tailored to each individual student, allowing them the best possible head start into the world of work. Students of secondary school age and above are eligible to apply to us – from Sewing to Customer Services, Marketing to IT- they will have the chance to experience a truly unique view into the world of work. We recommend applying to us as early as possible, particularly for any placements taking place over June/July- when we receive a large volume of applications.

Internships- For students at College/University level- we are sometimes able to offer internships in a selection of our departments. These are done on an individual basis dependent upon ability level and the length of the internship, and we recommend you apply to us with a CV and covering letter, detailing why you wish to have an internship with us.

Work Placement Profile – Skye-Morgan Blank

My name is Skye-Morgan Blank and I have spent 1 week at David Nieper in the IT department for Work Placement. I go to West Notts College and I am studying Level 3 Software Development. When I finish college I plan to either do an apprenticeship or go to universtiy, in order to become a Website Designer in the future.

My time at David Nieper has been really good due to the staff being friendly, welcoming and helpful. During my time here I have learned about the server room, how the David Nieper website has been built, and informaiton about the internet. At Work Placement I have been asked to update the Niepernet. By updating the Niepernet, it has helped me to learn how to use WordPress, which will help me in the future. My Work Placement here at David Nieper has helped me to see how IT is used within a business.

If you would like to join us for a work placement/Internship, please request a Placement/Internship Application Form by emailing [email protected].