Learning & Development

We take our commitment to your development seriously, because we want you to be happy and fulfilled at work and to achieve your potential. Whilst a lot of your training will be on-the-job, we also offer everyone the chance to improve the skills you need to be even better at what you do.

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INDUCTION – We’ll help you settle in and will make sure that you feel like one of the team from day one.

DAVID NIEPER SEWING SCHOOL – Learn to sew and share our passion for crafting beautiful clothes.  As part of our commitment to regenerating skills in the UK textile industry Our Sewing Specialists guide trainees through an intensive, structured training programme, from basic sewing machine operation through to more complex sewing operations.

JOB SPECIFIC SKILLS TRAINING – There are a number of different structured training programmes, designed to gradually build essential knowledge and skill.

ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP SKILLS – Learning designed for managers to prepare them for a leadership role.

DAVID NIEPER SCHOLARSHIP – This Award helps graduates make the transition from university to beginning a career.

APPRENTICESHIPS – Earn above national minimum wage whilst learning a skill and gain nationally recognised accreditation.  We offer David Nieper Apprenticeships to learn to be: a Sewing Machinist (Level 2, 12 month apprenticeship, with a £350 bonus for completing the programme successfully) and luxury Garment Maker (Level 3 apprenticeship, 24 month programme, plus £500 bonus).

SCHOOLS COMPETITIONS – We invite local schools to enter our Fashion 4 Free! Competition, please contact us if you would like to take part

WORK PLACEMENTS – We offer a combination of work placement opportunities & paid internships to Yr 11 & Yr 13 school pupils, as well as college/university students and graduates.  If you would like to join us for a work placement/Internship, please email [email protected] and request a Placement/Internship Application Form.
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